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Chores are single most important factor guaranteed to ensure your child's future success!

Updated: Jun 27

With the hectic pace of modern life, kids are juggling school, sports, and various activities, leaving little room for anything else. This often means that they neglect chores and other tasks which are considered as less important. However, undervaluing the role chores plays in the development of the child is unwise, especially as chores predict future success in children.

A boy doing his chores by washing dishes
TutorwIz: The importance of chores

The Harvard Grant Study identified a strong work ethic as a key factor for success. According to the study, the most effective way to develop this trait, as reported by 724 high achievers involved in the study was doing chores during childhood. Chores therefore predict children's future success and research points to its importance.

Research on Chores:

Throughout the years, researchers have dedicated their time to examining the benefits of children participating in chores. The results consistently show the huge positive impact that it has on their academic performance, social relationships, and overall well-being in the short and long term. Studies have found that children who rarely pitched in with household chores were more likely to feel less confident in school, experience less social satisfaction and social success, and are less happy with their lives.

Research showed that children who were tasked with chores had more positive outcomes as they grew older. Doing chores was highlighted as an important factor in predicting which children would become happy, well-adjusted, and self-sufficient adults. Furthermore, children who participate in chores on a regular basis during preschool years obtained higher math scores in 3rd grade.

Chores Benefits: 

The advantages of performing household duties extend far and wide. Chores help children in some of the following ways:

Chores Build good work ethic:

Builds up child's self-esteem

Strengthens the relationship between the child and their family:

Teaches them time management: 

Develops qualities that can lead to improved academic performance: 

Now that we have recognized the importance of chores, it is important to note that how they are put into practice at home that will make them effective. Parents should remember the following tips to ensure their child gets the most out of doing chores


Tips to Implement Chores in the Home:

Start small: 

  • As your little one grows, it's important to gradually introduce them to more responsibilities around the house.

  • Start with easy tasks and take the time to teach them the procedures step by step.

  • Once they've gained confidence, gradually move on to more difficult chores, always being there to lend a helping hand and provide guidance.

Set clear and achievable goals: 

Don’t nitpick:

Age-Appropriate Chores:

Pre-school age:

  •  When it comes to pre-school kids, the focus in the beginning is to instil a sense of personal responsibility and encourage them to lend a hand at home.

  • A great starting point is teaching them how to tidy up their toys. As they develop, they can also contribute to family chores by doing simple tasks like assisting their mom with setting the table or cleaning up after meals.

Primary school age: 

  • As kids move up in grade school, it's important for them to take on more personal responsibility.

  • They can start by doing simple tasks like making their beds, keeping their rooms tidy, and offering greater assistance with family chores.

  • By encouraging them to take on more challenging tasks like helping with the cooking, setting the table, and dusting, you are enabling them to develop essential life skills and promoting a sense of teamwork in the family. 


  • Teenagers have the capability to shoulder complete responsibility, not just for themselves but also for household tasks such as cooking, ironing, doing laundry, vacuuming, and other similar duties.

  • It's important for them to maintain the habit of actively contributing to the family unit, as it instils a strong work ethic and a sense of shared responsibility.

As a parent, your main concern is to prepare your child for a successful and independent future. However, so many parents unknowingly deny their child the means to develop these traits by not assigning them chores. The good news is that it is never too late to start. Give your child a huge helping hand in life by assigning them some chores today!

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