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6 Key Indicators of Effective Tutoring Every Student and Parent Should Know"

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We take a look at what the research tells us to determine if the tutor you have hired is effective and will benefit your child academically in the long term. Below we will describe the 6 key indicators of effective tutoring.

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Worldwide, the size of the tutoring market was valued in 2022 at USD 54.21 billion and is forecast to increase in 2030 to USD 105.98 billion according to Fortune Business. This indicates that parents worldwide are spending large sums of money on tutoring. The same applies to South African parents who also spend a great deal on private tutors. But is all this spending actually worth it?

Some parents may have discovered that tutoring does not always produce the remarkable outcomes promised. The reality is that while tutoring can be effective, it is not a foolproof solution. Studies have indicated that tutoring experiences may vary in their level of progress, and that not all tutoring approaches yield the same level of success.

How can parents ensure that their child's tutoring is effective and is providing long term academic success?

These are the 6 key indicators of effective tutoring that parents can use to assess their current/prospective tutor:

1. Effective tutoring is based on research.

  • Tutoring programs that have a solid foundation in research and are designed to inform policy and procedures have proven to be more effective than those without such research-based support.

  • The reason behind this success lies in the fact that these programs integrate the latest discoveries in the field of learning and teaching, empowering tutors to deliver instruction with greater effectiveness.

  • Without this research-based approach, tutors might solely rely on their own knowledge, which may not always be accurate or suitable for every student.

  • To distinguish themselves from competitors, tutoring companies must prioritize training their tutors in the most current research.

2. Effective tutoring is data driven.

  • High-impact tutoring uses data to assess students and customize instructions.

  • The use of data helps the tutor to understand student strengths and needs and build their sessions to focus on these needs.

  • Tutors need to be trained in collecting data during a tutoring session in order that they may use it to assess the students' progress and personalize their sessions.

3. Effective tutoring occurs on a frequent basis.

  • Studies have demonstrated that the frequency of lessons is more impactful than the length of lessons.

  • For students to fully benefit from their tutoring experience, it is imperative that they have regular lessons, preferably on a weekly basis or even more frequently.

4. Effective tutoring happens in small groups

  • Studies indicate that effective tutoring occurs in small groups of no more than 3 students.

  • However one-to-one tutoring produces the greatest dividends.

5. Effective tutoring uses high quality materials aligned with the core curriculum

  • Using high quality instructional materials that are aligned with the classroom content allows for the reinforcement and support of the classroom instruction.

6. Effective tutoring should not result in extended periods of tutoring.

  •  Tutoring is meant to provide independent study and learning skills and instill confidence.

  • Depending on their content knowledge, a student should have bridged the necessary foundational gaps within several months and should be taught how to independently problem solve and study on their own.

  • Tutoring should not be continuing indefinitely.

  • The danger of indefinite tutoring is that students come to rely on a tutor rather than learn to solve problems on their own.

Parents should assess whether their child's tutor is adequately trained and knowledgeable in effective teaching methods. This will ensure their child receives quality tutoring and parents receive value for their investment. When this is indeed the case tutoring will provide impressive academic gains and long-term academic success and will be well worth the money spent.

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