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"From Passion to Purpose: The Inspiration behind TutorWiz and teaching students to think critically."

Updated: Jul 5

Let me tell you the story of how it all started - the story of TutorWiz - where we teach students to think critically and equip them for the constantly evolving world we inhabit.............

The beginning

As I stood before the first student I was ever to tutor, I couldn't help but gaze at the little face in front of me with some trepidation. As a newbie, tutoring seemed frightening. Nevertheless, I wasn't overly concerned.  I had planned well, and I felt confident that I could engage and entertain any small child well, especially since I was popular with my young cousins! I was sure that my young student and I would flourish together, and she would make progress in no time at all.

But alas, I was sorely mistaken. As my first session drew to a close, it became painfully clear that I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing, despite my thorough preparation and the top-notch materials that I used. The following lessons were just as difficult, if not even more so; I had to beg my student to leave her mother's side and participate in the session, which left me feeling completely drained as though I had run a marathon!

Fortunately, that experience did not stop me from pursuing my teaching journey and attaining my teaching qualification. It was through my international teaching experience particularly in the East and my exposure to the rigor and exceptional standard of education they held from preschool onwards which shaped my views on education.

However, it was only during my research for my postgraduate degree in education that I first encountered various teaching theories and how they were implemented in real life situations. From there I began to develop an understanding of the importance of teacher training in the academic success of pupils.

I had also experienced life as a teacher in South African classrooms that exposed me to the struggles that many students face in learning to read, comprehend and problem solve. An issue that was becoming more and more problematic in South Africa.

At the same time, my fellow TutorWiz co-owner was working in corporate before pursuing a postgraduate degree in Mathematics, after which she started her family. It was during her time in the workplace that she became aware of the growing need for employees to have critical thinking and problem-solving skills to face the ever-changing demands and complexities in the workplace. Employees needed to be lifelong learners and have developed the ability to solve real life problems using their education as well as newly acquired skills. They needed to think out of the box and have developed critical thinking skills.

Her interest in education grew once she began having her own children and started to prepare them for their academic futures. This, combined with her experience in the corporate world, began to shape her understanding of the importance of education as a tool to assist in developing thinking not just acquiring knowledge.

TutorWiz is born

With these two complementary backgrounds in education and work and life experience, TutorWiz was born. It is founded on a passion for learning, aiming to provide nothing but the highest caliber of tutoring. It is shaped by best practices, academic research, observation, and international practical experience. And our aim is to provide children the tools to become critical thinkers and navigate the ever-changing world around them.

Our difference:

At TutorWiz, we firmly believe in providing outstanding tutoring services to every student, while also prioritizing the training and development of our tutors. By incorporating the latest pedagogical approaches and processes into our tutor training, our tutors greatly benefit from the enhanced skills and knowledge. This is the unique aspect that distinguishes TutorWiz from other tutoring companies.

This is not just another tutoring company. We are passionate about education and most importantly developing the minds of our students!  Our belief is that with the right tools, every child can reach their full potential and learn to think critically.

How is critical thinking developed?

Tutoring is all about supporting students in the areas where they might be facing difficulties. Our main goal is to help them grasp those concepts. But it doesn't stop there. We also equip them with the necessary tools to tackle problems on their own and think critically. All of this happens in a safe and nurturing environment, guided by a patient tutor. The tutor's role is to assist students in mastering their subjects and honing their critical thinking skills, while also building the students confidence as they learn new skills. Ultimately, the aim of TutorWiz's tutoring is to empower students to independently solve any challenges that come their way.

Teach a child how to think, not what to think.” Sidney Sugarman.

For further details on the services provided by TutorWiz, please fill in the online form and we will be in contact with you shortly. Commence your child's journey to success today! Tutorwiz- teaching students to think critically and preparing them for an ever-changing future.

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